Address Validation for Spanish Speaking Countries

More Accurate Address Search in Spanish


More Accurate Address Search in Spanish



We recently made enhancements to our address validation to improve accuracy for Spanish-speaking users. Our team closely analysed the many intricacies of addresses in the Spanish language. While official formats exist, people often omit parts or use colloquial variations.

What does this mean for your business? In short, you can capture complete and correct address data from your Spanish-speaking customers, even when they provide informal or abbreviated details.

Here are the highlights you need to know:

When searching for an address, a user may provide abbreviations. We now support hundreds of Spanish abbreviations that are commonly found in addresses, from building types to street types to directionals to toponyms. For example, if you were to search for "C" instead of "Calle", that would be no problem for Address Finder.

For house numbers, users may provide "numero" or "no" instead of just the digit. Or they may include a "#" prefix. Our address finder can identify these formats.

With Spanish street names, "Calle" is very common, however is often left out informally. Our algorithm recognises this and can fill in missing data.

Did you know that ordinal numbers have gender variations in Spanish? Words ending in "o" are masculine while "a" endings are feminine. The ending changes to reflect the gender of the noun that the number is describing. For plural nouns, the ending is "os" or "as". Sometimes there are even regional variations of ordinal numbers. Address Finder can handle all of these.

If an address in our database contains an ordinal number, we ensure that it uses the preferred form. However, if a user searches using a different or incorrect form of this ordinal number, we are still able to find the correct address, whether the ordinal numbers are missing, mixed up, or mistakenly added in.

For example, when searching for the street name "calle Primero", it is possible to search using the abbreviated form "calle 1º". If the user searches for the incorrect form "calle Primeras", we can handle that as well.

With these updates, our address database is equipped with every addressable property worldwide, no matter the complexity. Give it a try today and let us know if you have any questions.