Charity Pricing Updates

Address Search and Validation for Charities


Address Search and Validation for Charities


Charity Pricing Updates

Small charities get favourable access to Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File. We offer an exclusive licence that allows simpler and more cost-effective payment plans.

To qualify for this licensing, charities must:

  • Be UK based and registered with Royal Mail

  • Have an annual income of less than £10 million

You can check on Royal Mail's registered charity list to find your charity number, or submit your application with Royal Mail to register.


  • Low cost monthly subscriptions or discounted annual billing

  • Flexible usage for websites and internal tools (i.e. CRM, call centres and mobile fundraising applications)

  • End-to-End Support with our technical developers


Our charity licences include monthly plans structured across three different tiers to cater to your volume requirements. We also offer annual billing with a 10% discount. Pricing is outlined on our charities page.

  • Micro Plan: 500 requests per month

  • Local Plan: 5,000 requests per month

  • National Plan: 50,000 requests per month

Our most popular licence is the local plan which includes 5,000 lookups a month. Using this plan instead of a standard PAYG purchase would save you more than 90% on annual costs.

Our Clients

We've worked with a number of charities such as Wag and Company, Friends of the Lake District, The Air Ambulance Service, Humanist Society Scotland and TRAID to name a few.

Here's what Wag and Company thought about our charity solutions:

“Accurate data is vital to our lovely service, providing friends with two and with four legs for the elderly in their own homes as well as in care or medical establishments. Integrating Ideal Postcodes into our forms has made all the difference and they’re really great to deal with. We couldn’t recommend them more”

Diane Morton, Director

Ready to Set up Your Charity Licence?

Simply contact us and we will begin to assess whether you qualify for small charity licensing.

Visit our charity page for more information and FAQs.