What Is Dirty Data and What Can You Do About It?

Data decays by 20% per year. Correct, organise, and format your customer addresses with Address Cleansing


Data decays by 20% per year. Correct, organise, and format your customer addresses with Address Cleansing

Address Cleansing

What is Dirty Data?

Dirty data is inaccurate, incomplete or inconsistent information in your database. If your business revolves around dealing with customers, customer data will be your most important ingredient to success. It's important to keep it updated and accurate.

Types of Dirty Data

Incorrect data

This refers to data that is wrong, whether it was inputted by a customer from your website or an employee on your CRM. If you’re an ecommerce business delivering to customers, storing the wrong addresses will lead to failed deliveries and unhappy customers.

Inconsistent data

Data redundancy can lead to inconsistent operations and will cost you time and resources to manually check multiple databases for information.

Incomplete data

This is data with missing values. You may have only part of an address but require more specific datasets to ensure the addresses are accurate and complete.

Duplicate data

Repeated submissions, input errors, importing and exporting errors can all cause data duplication.

Causes of Dirty Data

Holding dirty data can affect your business operations. It can create confusion, slow down efficiency, accumulate additional costs and lead to missed opportunities. It's essential to understand how dirty data is caused.

Data Entry

Errors commonly happen during the initial data entry stage, whereby the person entering the data makes a mistake.

Form Design

Form design has a lot to do with the amount of inaccurate data that ends up in your database. Forms should be basic enough to only require important details in order to to avoid any confusion.

Unavailable Data

When the information called for is unavailable, it may lead to blanks or incorrect information. Furthermore, this will leave the customer frustrated. They may leave out or input fake information just to complete the form.

System issues

Computing systems are reliable, and most mistakes happen due to human error. However, if your database is integrated with a third party software or provider, it is essential to evaluate any system issues.

Address Cleansing Will Fix Your Dirty Data

Address Cleansing is the process of verifying, formatting and completing address data. Ideal Postcodes' Address Cleansing solutions will ensure all records are correctly formatted, accurate and up-to-date. If an address is missing values, address cleansing will fill in absent details with accurate results. If an address is not in the correct format, cleansing will organise the address components. Our data is sourced from Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF), which is UK's authoritative address database.

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