Version 12.0.0 Release v12.0.0 has been released

hero-jobbies-7 v12.0.0 has been released Version 12.0.0 Release v12.0.0 release brings Ordnance for National Statistics Postcode Directory, Scottish Postcode Directory and Ordnance Survey Open Names up to date.

Recent changes (2020-06-22):

Bug Fixes

  • a11y: add title attributes to iframe elements and structure headings on page (65ca5a3)


  • Node: Deprecate node 8, switch to node 12 LTS (e8d211c)


  • Data: Update ONSPD, Open Names, SPD (a92a91a)


  • Node: Node 8 no longer supported

Keep track of our releases. is an open source project maintained by Ideal Postcodes. It is a free mapping API and geocoder for the UK.

Updated with the latest data from Ordnance Survey and Office for National Statistics, you can extract address data such as the inward or outward codes of a postcode, confirm valid or deprecated postcodes and even query the nearest postcodes.