1k GitHub stars and 1.2 million installs later

We're proud to announce our sister API has reached a milestone

We're proud to announce our sister API has reached a milestone

We're excited to announce that open sourced sister API has received over 1k stars on GitHub, and has been installed over 1.2 million times. surpassed 1 billion API requests in a month in June 2021. is used by developers who need to extract UK geographic information with just a postcode or geolocation. The API has is used on,, and other highly trafficked UK websites.

Throughout 2020-21 has also been used extensively during the pandemic to help developers make DIY COVID19 tracking tools and statistics aggregation. is a free, open sourced product created to search, reverse geocode and extract UK postcode data. returns postcode level data, such as locality data and geolocation with no limits. It can be used via a public API or deployed in minutes using Docker.


  • Postcode Lookup, resolve administrative and location data for postcodes and outward codes

  • Postcode search & autocomplete

  • Reverse geocode postcodes

  • Nearest postcode search

  • Terminated postcode search

  • Outward code lookup

  • Bulk postcode lookup and reverse geocoding

Developers using

I have just discovered, a free geolocation api for the UK based on open data. You even can reverse lookup geographic data by placename. This looks incredibly cool.

Oli Hawkins

Just tagged version 1.5 of LaravelPostcodes, an API wrapper around - which is great for validating UK postcodes, and pulling back address parts on a postcode.

Steve McDougall

Listening to @elliottrichmond @WPBhamUK this evening and how have I never come across the API before? Looks great.

Mark Wilkinson

This is beautiful - All wrapped up in a nice container as well via @Docker

Steven Barry

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