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How Address Accuracy Impacts the Last Mile


How Address Accuracy Impacts the Last Mile

Once an order is placed, getting the package smoothly from warehouse shelf to doorstep depends heavily on address data quality.

Nearly 5% of all e-commerce forms have mistakes. Without address validation, these address errors go undetected. Orders are shipped to the wrong location, leading to delivery delays, added shipping costs to reroute packages, and dissatisfied customers.

To see this in action, compare two online shopping experiences:


Valid AddressScreenshot_2023-09-22_at_13.09.01-removebg-preview

Kathy is buying a new outfit from FashionBoutique uses an address finder on their website, so when Kathy enters her address on the checkout form, it’s automatically verified and formatted properly.

A few days later, her package arrives on time without any extra steps.

She had a smooth experience and will order again.

For FashionBoutique, accurate address data means lower logistics costs as the package is delivered the first time. No customer service contacts need to be made, saving employee time.



Invalid Address Screenshot_2023-09-22_at_13.09.10-removebg-preview

Alex purchases gadgets from He enters his address with typos and no apartment information. With no address validation, mistakes go undetected.

The package gets shipped, but the delivery driver can't find Alex’s property. The package is returned to GizmoCo’s warehouse. Alex has to call customer service to find out what happened. The package finally ships out again but arrives several days late.

Upset by the delays, Alex vows not to order from GizmoCo again. He also leaves a negative review about his experience. In fact, 61% of customers say they won’t return to an online retailer after just one wrong delivery!


Ideal Postcodes Address Validation can help avoid these problems by verifying, correcting and formatting these errors at point of entry. With clean, valid address data, orders are delivered to the right property the first time. Happy customers become repeat buyers. So while attracting customers is important, don't forget that the last mile matters.


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