How Address Validation Ensures Shipping Accuracy and Reduces Failed Ecommerce Deliveries

Clean address data is key for successful order fulfilment and delivery


Clean address data is key for successful order fulfilment and delivery




Ecommerce continues to rapidly grow, with online sales projected to reach $6.3 trillion globally by 2024. However, as ecommerce scales, shipping and logistics can become increasingly challenging. Incorrect customer address data leads to failed deliveries, returned packages, and poor customer experiences.

In fact, 1 in 6 online purchase deliveries result in failure due to inaccurate address information. This not only wastes operational costs for retailers, but also diminishes customer lifetime value and loyalty. Research shows that 9% of consumers will not reuse an ecommerce website after just one incident of a delivery issue. Maintaining clean, validated address records is essential for companies to ship orders successfully.

How address errors occur

Mistakes in customer address data happen for various reasons:

  • Typos during manual entry - transposed letters/numbers, misspellings

  • Copying data inaccurately from one system to another

  • Information missing - no flat or apartment number

  • Outdated records - old addresses not updated after a move

  • Inconsistent formats - abbreviations, directionals, postal codes

With multiple touch points for data entry - online forms, sales reps, third party sources - errors easily slip through. But dirty address data doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of ecommerce. Proper validation can solve these issues.

Address validation

Address validation processes address records against postal authority databases to identify and correct mistakes. The key steps include:

  • Correcting formatting - Standardising street, city, postcode and other address elements

  • Verifying accuracy - Checking for valid postal codes, streets, buildings

  • Completing information - Adding missing pieces like postcode, flat number

  • Confirming deliverability - Ensuring the address is legitimate

Ensuring shipping accuracy

Integrating address finder across ecommerce systems enhances delivery accuracy:

  • Website forms - Instantly validate data as customers enter information for precise records.

  • CRM/ERP - Maintain a single source of truth for clean data across all platforms.

  • Warehouse systems - Verify address details on each order for accurate fulfilment and labelling.

  • 3PL integrations - Share perfect delivery data with logistics partners to guarantee deliverability.

Address Finder can also add rooftop accurate coordinates for more precise drop-offs and provide full residential vs commercial classification. This further optimises last mile delivery.

Clean data is key for ecommerce

For ecommerce retailers, validated address data means:

  • Decreased failed deliveries and returns

  • Reduced operational costs from shipping errors

  • Improved customer experiences and satisfaction

  • Increased repeat purchases and customer lifetime value

  • Maximised revenue by avoiding wasted marketing budget