E-commerce and Address Validation

Optimise your online shopping experience using Ideal Postcodes' simple libraries


Optimise your online shopping experience using Ideal Postcodes' simple libraries


Online shopping has become increasingly popular over the past few years and e-commerce companies are focusing on optimising the checkout page for customers. Shoppers expect a simple and fast process to make their buying decisions.

The general online shopping flow once a customer accesses your store is the product search, adding items to the basket and finally the checkout and payment stage. The last stage is one of the most important, as this is when customers may leave your website if they are unable to complete the steps. If the page requires too many details from the customer, they will end up frustrated, when all they want to do is enter their address for delivery and wait for their products to arrive at their door.

It is also important to ensure the products are delivered to customers correctly and on time. Wrong deliveries have a great impact on customer satisfaction. Customers who don't receive their deliveries are more likely to never try shopping from the same ecommerce business again.

The cost of cart abandonment can be high. According to a Barclaycard Survey, businesses can lose £18 billion of sales a year. So how can companies ensure that customers do complete their checkout? Implementing an address validation solution to create a better user experience for the shopper can certainly help.

Address Validation Benefits

Simple Checkout Form

The online checkout form should be short and simple. Customers want to complete the form with limited complications and only input necessary information such as their contact details, address, and payment information. More than a third of consumers say they find filling in address data frustrating and two thirds even say they would abandon a purchase if they encountered address entry issues.

By adding Postcode Lookup functionality, customers would only be required to input their postcode and select the full address. 

Here's a demo of Postcode Lookup:


Page Loading Times

Shoppers prefer to spend a short amount of time purchasing their products.

Address Finder will allow a customer to input part of their address, and the rest will appear in real-time in under 100ms. In just a few keystrokes and a response time of less than 100ms, address validation will autofill their address details on the checkout form. 

Here's a demo of our Address Finder:



Shoppers with visual challenges may find it difficult to complete checkout if they are unable to read and submit their address information. Visually impaired users require assistive technology to access web content and applications, usually in the form of a screen reader. 

Postcode Lookup and Address Finder are screen reader compatible. This means all visually impaired users can swiftly complete an address form and select their correct address. You’ll go a long way in making your website more accessible to millions of people.

Device Compatibility

E-commerce websites should be accessible across multiple devices to allow shoppers to purchase products on their desktop, tablet or mobile

Address validation can be integrated within various platforms. We offer the extensions below for e-commerce platforms:

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