Prepare your ecommerce store for Black Friday

Provide a great user experience and ensure quality data to increase sales and delivery rates this Black Friday with address validation


Provide a great user experience and ensure quality data to increase sales and delivery rates this Black Friday with address validation

Black Friday Shopping

Black Friday has been a significant event in the retail industry for many years. This year, Black Friday will fall on 26 November 2021 and Cyber Monday will take place on 29 November, but some retailers will begin sales early this year.

In 2019, according to Statista, total retail spending during Black Friday equalled £8.6bn, the highest among many other countries in Europe. Unfortunately, sales decreased by 12% in 2020 due to the pandemic, however, Future plc's research findings from June 2021 reveal that the UK population has £198bn in lockdown savings and consumers are ready to spend this Black Friday and Christmas.

With such potential for sales growth this year, it's essential to ensure your e-commerce store is ready, by providing an excellent user experience, efficient checkout flow and functionality to capture accurate customer details with address validation.

The checkout flow with address validation

When shoppers reach the checkout stage, they expect a quick and simple process to purchase their products. The checkout page usually consists of a form that requires customer details for delivery. The best way to help your customers complete this is through Address Validation.

Address validation is a search functionality that captures and validates addresses on a form. Here's a demo in action:


How address validation can help you succeed this Black Friday

Reduce cart abandonment

The checkout flow is very important to optimise on your e-commerce store. A slow or complicated checkout experience will cost you customers and affect your brand.

More than a third of consumers say they find filling in address data frustrating and two thirds even say they would abandon a purchase if they encountered address entry issues. Address validation technology allows shoppers to enter their address details quickly and easily and completes and validated the address fields. By requiring minimum friction from the customer, you'll streamline the checkout process and significantly reduce the volume of abandoned carts.

Increase conversions

Address validation captures and validates customer address details in real-time, which will speed up checkout by reducing the number of keystrokes a customer inputs on an address form. Having complete customer address information will provide you with a 360 view of your customers, and will help you make future sales and marketing decisions while saving time and money contacting valid records.

Avoid failed deliveries

Many retailers blame failed deliveries on customer address inaccuracy, believing that customers often don’t realise this is due to mistyped addresses. However, typos and input errors happen and it is up to the retailers to ensure they are capturing the right data.

Address validation includes fuzzy matching, which is a smart search functionality correcting mistyped addresses. If an address with an error is entered, the data is filtered to return likely possibilities. The hierarchy of addresses is also formatted to the closest match and includes all address elements.

Once you've implemented address validation, parcels and products can be delivered successfully, minimising frustration, negative brand perception and costly redeliveries.

Improve customer satisfaction

With an optimised checkout flow and accurate customer address details, customers will be happy and return again. They'll shop swiftly and receive their parcels at their door, increasing their satisfaction with your store and in return, this will boost your brand reputation.

Is your e-commerce store ready for Black Friday?

Shoppers expect a simple and fast process to check out and they want timely deliveries. The way to do this is to implement address validation on your e-commerce checkout page.

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