New Dataset: Alias Addresses

Access 3 million alias properties with our Address Validation API update

Access 3 million alias properties with our Address Validation API update

Alias cottage

We’ve incorporated Royal Mail’s Alias dataset to our address validation solutions.  You can now access 3 million alias properties with PAF to quickly and easily reference a property's location. 

Alias Data

Alias addresses are properties which have additional address characteristics, such as an alternative name or a pseudonym. These addresses are associated with a postcode, and often used for delivery purposes. They indicate historical property names, locality or county information, which are not required in postal data. 

The alias dataset includes 3 million properties, both urban and rural alias addresses. Over 1 million individual delivery points have at least 1 Alias entry. This can be a useful resource for businesses that need to send mail or parcels to specific areas, as it provides an alternate way of specifying an address if part of the address is not known. Alias can also be used to identify businesses working from home. 

There are four types of alias records:  Locality, Thoroughfare, County and Delivery point aliases. 

  • Locality records include local names and Postally Not Required (PNR) details.

  • Thoroughfare records include alternative, unofficial and combination names used locally for streets and thoroughfares

  • Delivery Point Alias records include additional information such as trading names and building names.

  • County Alias records include historic county names, administrative and postal county information.


Below are a couple of UK address examples. Have a guess at which part of the address is the alias! 

1. Gates of St. Albans, Redfern House, 105 Ashley Road, St Albans, AL1 5DE

2. Gladdave, 12 Walnut Way, Brightlingsea, Colchester. CO7 0LJ

3. Ash Cottage, 32 Ash Lane, Collingtree, Northampton, NN4 0ND


The alias for the first address is ‘Redfern House’, the second is ‘Gladdave’, the third is Ash Cottage. Were you able to identify them?

Alias data is beneficial for organisations that need to clean up their customer data, as it provides an alternative name for each property that can be used to identify customers more accurately. Aliases can be used when sending or receiving communications, filling out forms, or when creating labels or signage. Whatever the situation, it's important to make sure that your address data is correct so that you don't end up with something going to the wrong place or being returned to sender.

Ideal Postcodes Alias Data 

With our address validation solution, alias data is displayed in the returned API results. If you are interested in accessing this dataset, please contact us.