Beyond Address Lookup

Value from Enriched Address Data


Value from Enhanced Address Data

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Verifying customer addresses with address validation helps reduce shipping costs, but there’s an opportunity to derive even more value from address data with enrichment. By enhancing addresses with additional details like coordinates, property identifiers, and demographic information, businesses gain a deeper understanding of customers and prospects to drive growth.

Beyond the basics

A simple address can serve as a gateway to a wealth of beneficial data. Supplementing addresses with:

  • Latitude and longitude coordinates: Enables location-based marketing and more efficient routing

  • Unique property reference numbers: UPRNs are the gold standard in identifying ever addressable property

  • Business data: Provides revenue, industry codes, and other company details

  • Property type:  Identifies commercial or residential properties

  • Property indicators – Identifies Multiple Residences or even properties that are Not Yet Built


Let’s see how this works for the following address:

17 Greenend Road, London

Address Line One 17 Greenend Road
Town or City London
Postcode W4 1AP
UPRN 12109887
UDPRN 25804522
Longitude -0.2564509
Latitude 51.5026123
Postcode Inward 1AP
Postcode Outward W4
Thoroughfare Greenend Road
Building Number 17
Postcode Type S
Delivery Point Suffix 1A
Premise 17
Eastings 521112
Northings 179627
Country England
Traditional County Greater London
Postal County London
County London
District Ealing
Ward Southfield
Dataset paf
Country Iso Code (3) GBR
Country ISO Code (2) GB
Language en















Smarter Business with Enriched Address Data

Investing in comprehensive address validation and data enrichment is not just about delivering packages, it's also about delivering strategic insights that can drive your business forward in an increasingly data-driven world. This intelligence empowers more personalised, geo-targeted marketing and services fine-tuned to the property type.

Are you ready to maximise the value of customer addresses? Contact our experts to explore dat enrichment tailored to your business needs.